Apan & Klyset  is sheer paradise during the summer, but Österlen is also very beautiful, and quieter, during the rest of the year. Every season has its charm. Enjoy some of the year’s special events, such as the Art Circuit, the Antiques Fair, Tulip Festival, Gardens á la carte, Rose Festival, the  Kivik Market, Wine Festival, the Apple Market, Eel Feast  and the Österlen illuminations to mention a few.

Family/friends can each rent each their own flat (there are 11 beds plus a twin bed sofa, in all 13 beds), enjoy walks, have meals together in the apartments or outdoors and still have the luxury to withdraw to their own apartment. Arrange a golf weekend – there are two golf courses nearby, ride Icelandic ponies, take long autumn walks or perhaps the greatest luxury of all – a couple of peaceful days with a book and no distractions.

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