The Tempest

New ideas are readily spawned here. We have called this large room ‘The Tempest’ to connect it with the adjoining flat Miranda, the sea and Shakespeare. It has its own fantastic small indoor balcony which conjures up an image of Romeo and Juliet. The room is 60 square metres with a 7-metre-high ceiling and thick stone walls on two sides. There is also a large stove for logs, sofas and armchairs, conference/dining table, toilet and kitchenette.

The room can be rented and is equipped with a projector, sound system, film screen, whiteboard, cordless internet connection as well as plates, glasses, cutlery etc for up to 50 people.

Some examples of how to use the room:

  • Conferences, meetings, courses, training
  • Lectures
  • Family dinners, weddings, parties
  • Art exhibitions

…. the sky is the limit